Published on 02/09,2015

Alright - Welcome to PMARINA's Python Blog.
I will be exploring python uses in our daily lives in this blog. So let's begin. If you have never written a piece of code before, then this is the perfect place to begin. SO, what is code? It can be defined as the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers; the set of instructions in such a program. Well what does that mean? You know how programs look, I expect. If you don't, look below:


Image and video hosting by TinyPicOk, I know that the image is cut off but still, this is using Notepad++ and python. I will pick up from here... TOMORROW!



  1. 02/09,2015 | 18:20

    Hey, I know that the captcha images are a huge pain to answer, especially if you are new to python. Hint: Try googling the answers. They will not be easy to find but guess and check never fails =-).

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